A Letter To Younger Me

I know it’s hard, little girl
to live the life you have right now
I know your hurting, and I feel your pain.
I know that your confused, the boys at school treat you differently than they used to.
Your best friend, whom you would pick flowers and roll in the mud with, isn’t that sweet boy anymore.
The childhood games may have stopped but that doesn’t mean nobody is playing games.
He’s called you a whore, the same thing you heard your daddy call your mommy once.
Speaking of your daddy.
He isn’t the same these days is he?
You were daddy’s little girl once. But then something happened and that went away.
Ignore the men that yell at you on the way to the bus stop.
Don’t let them get to you.
Don’t fixate on the the adverts you’ll pass on your way there.
Don’t let them make them question your body.
In fact, just stop walking for a minuet.
Wrap your arms around your body and give yourself a hug.
And remember….
The girl on that billboard is hurting too.
I know, little girl, that school is hard.
I know what’s in the magazines and on the television…
But please don’t skip that meal.
Eat all of your food and love yourself.
I know you’ve been told to stay away from that girl,
And I know it’s hard to make friends when the society you live in tells you not to trust other women,
But talk to her anyway. She could use a friend.
I know that that boy in the hallway is always commenting on your looks.
I know it makes you feel unsafe and you look at the floor every time you pass.
Punch him in his fucking face.
Little girl,
Don’t go out with him.
He doesn’t respect you.
Remember when you gave him a chance last time?
Remember when he pushed you against the wall because he was just so angry?
That behavior doesn’t get better.
It only gets worse.
Little girl,
Please love yourself.
This world will try really hard to break you.
Trust the women you will meet in your life and empower one another.
Burn the adverts which objectify women in your home town.
Never allow yourself to be silenced.
And always remember,
Speak loud and take up space.


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