Boycotting Thanksgiving

My spirit aches as we grow closer to thanksgiving. And though it may celebrated by many, though many Americans invest much time and energy into gathering around the family dinner table on thanksgiving day, and though it may be painful to face the genocide and degradation of land caused by colonization, these are issues still relevant today. The importance of our understanding outweighs the delight in the overindulgence and gluttony.

So before you go out and buy the turkey, consider the impact we may have on political consciousness if a large enough portion of us, opt out of the celebration of thanksgiving.

The fact that white settlers colonized this land, killing millions upon millions of Native Americans, and raping the native women, is no longer a widely disputed one. This
violent dominance over life and of earth are still present, and are protected by interrelated, oppressive institutions. This monster only grows in strength with our compliance, our willingness to contribute, and our apathy.

Before white colonization, the estimated number of Native Americans living on this land was over 10-12million. By the year 1900, that number drops to less than 300,000. Some historical estimates show the number to be as low as 15,000. Centuries upon centuries of disease, malnutrition, genocide, rape, and torture. Centuries of human suffering. Native Americans had little to be thankful for.

But even after mass extermination had ended, did along with it end the suffering of Native Americans? Are their ancestors now finally resting peacefully in their graves in a land of justice and equality? I would say no, a capital N and a capital O. The suffering of Native Americans has waged on throughout the years, in fact, it was not until 1968 when the Indian Civil Rights Act was passed, that Native Americans gained the right to free speech, to a jury, and to protection from unreasonable search and seizure.

The attitude of domination hasn’t gone away to this day and capitalism only serves as an excelerent as more land is stolen, destroyed, and exploited. What is going on with the Dakota Access Pipeline is a perfect example of this. Obviously, not the first pipeline to be built, and it will not be the first to destroy Mother Earth and poison our drinking water. The harm to fragile ecosystems and the subjugation of humans is the number one dividing wall between us and the interconnected universe.

But the fire of passion and love for all things sacred is still prevalent as well, and grows stronger with support and the spread of knowledge. We can see this fire within the souls of the water protectors, protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

There has been a complete mainstream media blackout on this issue, for it reveals the corruption of our government, the violence of the rich, and the loyalty of our government to big oil companies.

Our need for food, for air, for soil, and for water is universal. A threat to our planet and to our very lives is a very uniting issue. The most threatening thing to the big man on top is our unity.

The best way we can prevent the suffering of humans, animals, and the planet, is to join them in the fight. If you can’t do that, the next best thing is to use whatever talents we have, to spread knowledge and inspiration. History has shown the power of creativity in fueling the desire to act. The last thing I will purpose, and I do believe this to be important, is to boycott thanksgiving.

No longer celebrate the genocidal history of United States. No longer show acceptance of this way of life with your dollar. Don’t buy the fucking turkeys, don’t bother with it. And for the love of the divinity, let us please, boycott Black Friday, that date alone is the celebration of economic slavery, and has caused deaths. We need to honor more virtuous ways of life and make a statement that the wickedness of white male supremacy, and it’s horrendous body count has been exposed.


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