The Vengeful Siren

Within the ocean I sleep, on a bed of entrancing earth. My body embellished by scales and coated with sapphire and violet hues, lucid and animated.

My hair, a luminous and almost translucent white, dances with the water, and every once in a while, kisses my face.

My fin reaching far beneath me, long and slender. I move throughout the blue abyss with power and with spirt.

Divine, but neither angelic or demonic. Free from societal constraints.

My eyes glowing with purity of violet.

I am in harmony, with all elements of our universe, but powered by the element of water. An empath by nature, and an empath by virtue.

The voice I have echoes the power of the goddess, and the passion lives deep within my psyche.

I sing to the undersea life, I enchant them with the hum of my tenderness and energy.

This is my natural state of being. This is how it is supposed to be. Harmonious.

But my consciousness senses suffering. My spirt uneasy, from the beginning of the male order.

This violent societal order has disrupted the spiritual connection of all.

I hear the demolition of my mother above the surface. I hear the collective suffering of my sisters on land. With the fire residing in my soul, my voice is louder than the voice of any man.

With the same voice that has enchanted the world of the sea, I evoke the curiosity of naive sailor men.

I rest my head on the boat, and look into the faces of these men. These are faces I cannot see with empathy.

Infatuated by my aura, they follow me for a swim. I devour them whole.

I first sink my teeth into their throat so nobody will hear them scream. I tear their flesh, my savagery fueled by the collective pain of the female spirt.

Homicidal by brokenness and desperation. Broken by the commonality of suffering. Desperate to save the natural order of the universe.

I save the hearts, and lay them out across the shore. I write with their blood amongst the rocks. My message is clear.

And will continue to do so as long as my sisters are suffering, as long as the earth is destroyed.


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